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How Does Help Me?

Simply put a better credit score will allow you to get loans or access to other types of credit at better interest rates. helps you improve your credit score at an affordable cost. A higher interest rate can add up to a significant difference in the amount of money you pay over time. Click here for an example of the difference in the cost of credit.

How We Help

Our goal is to help you rebuild, repair or establish your credit. We do this through by offering a credit building program that is simple and affordable. There is a cost to building credit, but we believe it should be at both reasonable interest rates and affordable monthly payments. We also believe we are here to assist you and to us that means making it easy to end your contract at any time with no penalties. At we sincerely look forward to helping you reach your goals, so you can qualify for the automobile loan or home purchase you have always dreamed of. You can easily apply online and complete all your documents electronically. We would be happy to answer any questions you have, contact us today by live chat, email or by phone.

Key program features:

  • No credit check, it is fast, easy and simple to apply and start to rebuild, repair or establish your credit.
  • With rates from 4.90% to 9.90% you can establish your credit affordably from as low as $16.50 month.
  • reports to Equifax, a leading credit reporting company in Canada.
  • Your agreement allows you to establish a positive payment history.
  • Your ability to make your payment commitments over time establishes your credit-worthiness.
  • By reporting your payments monthly, it raises your credit score.
  • End your agreement at any time with no penalty.

We recommend keeping your contract for at least 1-year as this proves your ability to meet a commitment over time.
We recommend getting a secured credit card that reports to the credit bureau as this also helps to build your credit score monthly.

How to Help Yourself

As much as your contract helps rebuild, repair or establish your credit you have a significant role to play in the process. There are a number of important things to know to make sure you get the maximum benefit. The following points will help ensure you get the maximum benefit from your contract:

  • Make your payment on time so you are viewed by creditors as trustworthy.
  • Limit your amount of credit inquiries as this lowers your credit score and can make you look like a credit-seeker which is viewed negatively by creditors.
  • Keep your contract active for at least 12 months to show creditors your ability to pay well over time.
  • We recommend getting a secured credit card that reports to the credit bureau to accelerate you credit scoring.
  • We recommend ordering a free copy of your credit report by following this link:
  • We recommend seeking the advice of a credit counselling company to provide professional advice on any negative information on your credit report.
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