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Benefits of improving my Credit Score?

A better credit score allows you to get loans or access other types of credit, such as a credit card, at lower interest rates.  High interest loans, also known as "bad credit loans", will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars more to pay off.  This is not just for people who want to move from a bad credit situation to good credit it is also important for people with limited credit history or those new to credit (young adults or new to the country).

How We Help helps you improve your credit score affordably whether your goal is credit repair, to re-establish credit or establishing brand new credit.  We can reduce the time required to get your credit report where you need it to be to reach your goals including; reducing your current interest rate, buying a car, buying a home or renewing a mortgage at the best possible rate.

Building credit is simple with as we offer plans to fit virtually any credit need and budget.  We would be happy to answer your questions and review your situation to recommend the program best suited for you and your credit goals.   Credit help is available today!  Contact us by live chat, email or phone.

Key program features:

  • No credit check
  • Rates from 4.90% to 9.90%
  • Programs cost as little as $16.50/mth
  • Reports to Equifax, the leader of credit reporting agencies in Canada
  • Reporting your payments monthly raises your credit score
  • A great way to boost your credit rating
  • End your agreement at any time

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Your agreement helps rebuild your credit score or establish new credit but under the "How to improve credit score" list of things to do you play a significant role in the credit score help it provides. The following points will help ensure you get the maximum benefit to your credit score:

  • Make your monthly and other payments on time as this reports positively to the credit bureau
  • Limit your amount of credit inquiries as a credit check lowers your credit score and can make you look desperate for credit which is viewed negatively by creditors
  • Keep your agreement active for at least 12 months to show creditors your ability to consistently pay on time.
  • We recommend in addition to our savings program that you obtain a secured credit card as it will be a second credit trade item to report to the credit bureau. This will rapidly increase your credit score.
  • We recommend ordering a copy of your free credit report to review and ensure its accuracy at least once a year you can do so by following this link:
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